“Have you…?” in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “Have you…?” is written using the Latin script as:


Using the Arabic script, it is written as:


Listen to this word / phrase pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“Have you been to Italy?”

(m) Zeret shi italia?

(f) Zerte shi italia?

زرت شي ايطاليا؟ (m)

زرتي شي ايطاليا؟ (f)

“Have you been to the beach yet today?”

(m) Rehet shi 3al baher 2al yawm?

(f) Rehte shi 3al baher 2al yawm?

 رحت شي عالبحر اليوم؟ (m)

 رحتي شي عالبحر اليوم؟ (f)

“Have you met the new neighbour?”

(m) 2elta2ayt shi bel jar 2al jdid?

(f) 2elta2ayte shi bel jar jdid?

 التقيت شي بالجار الجديد؟(m)

 التقيتي شي بالجار الجديد؟ (f)

“Have you eaten at that restaurant before?”

(m) 2akalet shi bihal mat3am 2abel?

(f) 2akalte shi bihal mat3am 2abel?

أكلت شي بهالمطعم قبل؟ (m)

أكلتي شي بهالمطعم قبل؟ (f)

Have you tried Lebanese food before?”

(m) Jarabet shi 2al 2akel 2al lebnene 2abel?

(f) Jarabte shi 2akel 2al lebnene 2abel?

جربت شي الاكل اللبنانني قبل؟ (m)

جربتي شي الاكل اللبنانني قبل؟ (f)


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