“How old…?” in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “How old…?” is written using the Latin script as:

(m) 2adesh 3amro…?

(f) 2adesh 3amruha…?

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

اديش عمرو…؟ (m)

اديش عمرها…؟ (f)

Listen to these two phrases pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“How old is your dog?”

(m) 2adesh 3amro kalbak?

(f) 2adesh 3amruha kalbik?

اديش عمرو كلبك؟ (m)

اديش عمرها كلبيك؟ (f)

“How old are you?”

(m) 2adesh 3amrak?

(f) 2adesh 3amrik?

اديش عمرك؟ (m)

اديش عمريك؟ (f)

“How old are your parents?”

(m) 2adesh 3amron 2ahlak?

(f) 2afesh 3amron 2ahlik?

اديش عمرون اهلك؟ (m)

اديش عمرون اهليك؟ (f)

“How old were you when you finished your first marathon?”

(m) 2adesh ken 3amrak lama rakadet 2awal marathon?

(f) 2adesh ken 3amrik lama rakadte 2awal marathon?

 اديش كان عمرك لما ركضت اول ماراتون؟ (m)

 اديش كان عمريك لما ركضتي اول ماراتون؟ (f)

“How old is your child?”

(m) 2adesh 3emer 2ebnak?

(f) 2adesh 3emer 2ebnik?

اديش عمر ابنك؟ (m)

اديش عمر بنتيك؟ (f)


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