“May” (month) in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “May” (the month) is written using the Latin script as:


In Lebanese Arabic, using the Arabic script, it is written as:

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Examples in sentences or statements


“Today is May 9th.”

2al yom tes3a 2ayar.

.اليوم تسعة ٩ آيار


“My vacation period starts in May.”

3atlati betbalish bishaher 2ayar.

.عطلتي بتبلش بشهر آيار


“I’ll be done the project in May.”

Bikoun khelsit 2al mashrou3 bishaher 2ayar.

.بكون خلصت المشروع بشهر آيار


“Tell me more about the trip you want to take in May.”

(m) Khaberne aktar 3an rehletak bi shaher 2ayar.

(f) Khabirne aktar 3an rehletik bi shaher 2ayar.

.خبرني اكتر عن رحلتك بشهر آيار (m)

.خبريني اكتر عن رحلتيك بشهر آيار (f)


“Where are you travelling to in May?”

(m) Wen badak tsafir bishaher 2ayar?

(f) Wen badik tsafre bishaher 2ayar?

وين بدك تسافر بشهر آيار؟ (m)

وين بديك تسافري بشهر آيار؟ (f)


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