“Morning” in Tunisian Arabic

In Tunisian Arabic, “Morning” is written using the Latin script as:


Using the Arabic script, it is written as:


Listen to this word pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“It is morning.”

Sbe7 je.

.الصباح جا

Good morning.”

Sbe7 el 5ir.

.صباح الخير

“Do you want to get coffee in the morning?”

T7eb nochrbou 9ahwa fel sbe7?

تحب نشربو قهوة فالصباح؟

“Do you want to get coffee Thursday morning?”

T7eb nochrbou 9ahwa nhar la5mis el sbe7?

تحب نشربو قهوة نهار لخميس الصباح؟

“See you Thursday morning.”

Nchoufek nhar na5mis el sbe7.

.نشوفك نهار لخميس الصباح


In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

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