“Permanent” in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “Permanent” (the adjective) is written using the Latin script as:


Using the Arabic script, it is written as:


Listen to this word pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“Tenure at this university is permanent.”

2al fatra bihaljem3a deyme.

.الفترة بهالجامعة دايمة

“Permanent or temporary?”

Deyim 2aw mwa2at?

دايم او موقت؟

“It is permanent?”



“Will it be permanent?”

Rah yikoun deyim?

رح يكون دايم؟

“This type of adhesive is supposed to be permanent.”

Hal naw3 men 2al telzi2 mafroud yikoun deyim.

.هالنوع من التلزيق مفروض يكون دايم


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