“See you” in Lebanese Arabic


In Lebanese Arabic, “See you” is written using the Latin script as:

(m) Bshoufak

(f) Bshoufik

In Lebanese Arabic, using the Arabic script, these two words are written as:

بشوفاك (m)

بشوفيك (f)

Listen to these two words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements:

“See you next week.”

(m) Bshoufak jem3a el je.

(f) Bshoufik jem3a el je.

.بشوفك الجمعة الجاية (m)

.بشوفيك الجمعة الجاية (f)

“See you soon.”

(m) Bshoufak 2ariban.

(f) Bshoufik 2ariban.

.بشوفك قريبا (m)

.بشوفيك قريبا (f)

“See you at 8pm.”

(m) Bshoufak se3a tmene.

(f) bshoufik se3a tmene.

.بشوفك المسا الساعة تمانة (m)

.بشوفيك المسا الساعة تمانة (f)

“See you tomorrow.”

(m) Bshoufak bukra.

(f) Bshoufik bukra.

.بشوفك بكرا (m)

.بشوفيك بكرا (f)

“See you tonight.”

(m) Bshoufak elayle.

(f) Bshoufik elayle.

.بشوفك الليلة (m)

.بشوفيك لليلة (f)


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