“Shower”, “Showers” (nouns) in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “Shower” & “Showers” (the nouns) are both written using the Latin script as:


Using the Arabic script, these two words are written as:


Listen to this word pronounced


Examples in sentences or statements

“Does the unit have showers or bathtubs?”

Hal she2a ela doush aw banyo?

هل شقة إلا دوش أو بانيو؟

“There are two showers in the residence.”

Fi tnen doush bl she2a.

.في تنين دوش بل شقة


“There are no showers in this house.”

Ma fi doush b hal she2a.

.ما في دوش ب هل شقة

“This switch is for the hot water for the shower.”

L kabse hiyye lal may l sekhen lal doush.

.الكبسه هي للماي السخن للدوش

“There is a shower in this bathroom.”

Fi douche b hal 7amem.

.في دوش بهل حمام


These words in other Arabic dialects

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