“Straight” (direction) Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “Straight” (the direction) is written using the Latin script as:


Using the Arabic script, it is written as:


Listen to this word pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements:

“Keep driving straight.”

3ambetdalne sou2 deghre.

.عمبضلني سوق دغري

“Straight two more blocks, please.”

(m) Deghre 2edem ba3ad mafra2ayn, 2eza betrid.

(f) Deghre 2edem ba3ad mafra2ayn, 2eza betride.

.دغري قدام بعد مفرقين ، اذا بتريد (m)

.دغري قدام بعد مفرقين ، اذا بتريدي (f)

“Straight through the lights and then turn right.”

(m) Deghre men bayn 2al 2edwiye ou lef yamin.

(f) Deghre men bayn 2al 2edwiye ou lefe yamin.

.دغري من بين الاضوية ، ولف عاليمين (m)

.دغري من بين الاضوية ، ولفي عاليمين (f)

“The pool is straight down the hall.”

2almasbah deghre la2ekher 2alka3at.

.المسبح دغري لاخر القاعة

“The beach is straight ahead.”

2al baher deghre 2edem.

.البحر دغري ادام


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