“Updated” (past) (verb) in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “Updated” (the verb, in the past tense) is written using the Latin script as:

(I) Tamanet

(You) (m) Tamanet

(You) (f) Tamante

(You, plural) Tamanto

(He) Taman

(She) Tamanit

(We) Tamana

(They) Tamano

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

تامانت (I)

تامانت (m) (You)

تامانتي (f) (You)

تامانتو (You, plural)

تامان (He)

تامانيت (She)

تامانا (We)

تامانو (They)

Listen to these words pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

(Editor’s note: In one or more of the following statements, the word “Updated” is replaced with an applicable word or words to keep the statement colloquial but to maintain the meaning of the word “Updated” (“Update” in the past participle).)
“I updated your parents.”

(m) Tamanet 2ahlak.

(f) Tamanet 2ahlik.

.تامانت أحلاك (m)

.تامانت أحايك (f)

“I updated the students.”

Tamanet 2al tlemiz.

.تامانت ألتليميز

“I haven’t updated them yet.”

Ma tamanton ba3ad.

.ماتامانتون باعد

“Did you provide the update?”

(m) Tamanet 2al tahdis?

(f) Tamante 2al tahdis?

تامانت ألتاحديس؟ (m)

تامانتي ألتاحديس؟ (f)

(You singular) “What was the update?”

Shou ken 2al tahdis?

شو كان أتاحديس؟

(You plural) “What was the update?”

Shou keno 2al tahdiset?

شو كانو ألتاحديسات؟

“He updated us earlier.”

Tamana men 2abel shway.

.تامانا من أبل شواي

“The server updated us on the order.”

(m) 2al maître tamana 3an talabna.

(f) 2al maîtres tamana 3an talabna.

.ألميتر تاماناعان تالابنا (m)

.ألميتريس تاماناعان تالابنا (f)

“We updated them.”



“They updated us.”




In other Mediterranean languages and dialects

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