“Weekend”, “Weekends” in Lebanese Arabic


In Lebanese Arabic, “Weekend” and “Weekends” are both written using the Latin script as:

2ekhir 2al 2ousbou3

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

آخر الأسبوع

Listen to this term pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements


“Tomorrow is the weekend.”

Boukra 2ekhir 2al 2ousbou3.

.بكرا آخر الاسبوع


“What are you doing this weekend?”

(m) Shou rah ta3mol 2ekhir 2al 2ousbou3?

(f) Shou rah ta3mle 2ekhir 2al 2ousbou3?

 شو راح تعمل آخر الاسبوع؟ (m)

 شو راح تعملي آخر الاسبوع؟ (f)


“I’m going to hike in the mountains this weekend.”

Rah 2emshe bel jabal 2ekhir 2al 2ousbou3.

.راح امشي بالجبال اخر هالاسبوع


“I’m available this weekend.”

2ana fade 2kehir hal 2ousbou3.

.انا فاضي آخر هالأسبوع


I usually have more time on the weekends.”

2ana 3adatan 3ande wa2et 2aktar bi 2ekhir 2al 2ousbou3.

.انا عاداةً عندي وقت اكتر باخر الأسبوع


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