“Baked” in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “Baked” (the adjective) is written using the Latin script as:


Using the Arabic script, it is written as:


Listen to this word pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“It’s freshly baked goods.”

Bda3et makhbouze.

.بضاعة مخبوزة

“These are freshly baked muffins.”

Hawde muffins makhbouzin taza.

.هودي مافينز مخبوزين طازة

“My aunt sells baked goods.”

3amtew betbi3 bda3at makhbouze.

.عمتي بتبيع بضاعة مخبوزة

“When was it baked?”

2aymata 2enkhabaz?

يمتى انخبز؟

“The pastries are baked every morning.”

2al fatayir byinkhebzo kel yawm 2al sebeh.

.الفطاير بينخبزو كل يوم الصبح


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