“Beautiful” (of the atmosphere) in Lebanese Arabic


In Lebanese Arabic, “Beautiful” (of the atmosphere) is written using the Latin script as:


In Lebanese Arabic, using the Arabic script, it is written as:


Listen to this word pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“What a beautiful view.”

Shu hal yawm jamil.

.شو هاليوم جميل


“This view is beautiful.”
Hal manzar jamil.

.هالمنظر جميل


“This country is beautiful.”

Hal balad jamil.

.هالبلد جميل


“The view from my apartment is beautiful.”

2al manzar men she2ate jamil.

.المنظر من شقتي جميل


“Those mountains look beautiful.”

Hal jabal manzaron jamil.

.هالجبال منظرون جميل


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