“Building” in Lebanese Arabic


In Lebanese Arabic, “Building” (noun format) (a physical structure used for residential or commercial purposes) is written using the Latin script, as:


In Lebanese Arabic, using the Arabic script, it is written as:


Listen to this word pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“That is a residential building.”

Haydal bineyet sekaniyat.

.هيدي البناية سكنية

“That is a commercial building.”

Haydal bineyet tijariyat.

.هيدي البناية تجارية

“My dentist’s office is in the building across the street.”

3iyadat hakim 2al 2esnayn fi 2al bineyet 3alal sheri3 2al mou2ebil.

.عيادة حكيم الاسنان في البناية على الشارع المقابل

“I’m renting an apartment in that building.”

2ana mousta2jir she2a men hal bineyet.

.أنا مستأجر شقة من هالبناية

“Yes, the building has an elevator.”

Na3a, 2el bineyet 2ela mas3ad.

.نعم البناية الها مصعد


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