“Loud” in Lebanese Arabic

In Lebanese Arabic, “Loud” (the adjective) is written using the Latin script as:

Sot 3ale

Using the Arabic script, it is written as:

صوت عالي

Listen to this word pronounced (audio)


Examples in sentences or statements

“That is loud.”

2al sot 3ale.


.الصوت عالي

“Do you find it loud?”

(m) L2it 2al sot 3ale?

(f) L2ite 2al sot 3ale?

لقيت الصوت عالي؟ (m)

لقيتي الصوت عالي؟ (f)

“The people outside are loud.”

2al nes bara sawton 3ale.

.الناس برا صوتون عالي

“The music is too loud.”

Sot 2al mousi2a 3ale.

.صوت الموسيقى عالي

“That’s a loud horn.”

Sot 2al zamour 3ale.

.صوت الزمور عالي


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